Worldwide Ethical Manifesto     

I respect and embrace the dignity of all humanity in my deeds and words.

I respect, acknowledge and protect the diversity and integrity of all peoples, ethnicities, nations, cultures and religions.

I make every effort to help wherever there is need and suffering.

I refuse to take part – directly or indirectly – in any act of war. I reject any kind of weapon export.

I advocate the largest possible citizen participation in important political decisions that affect us all.

I respect the dignity of all life. I undertake to protect life to the best of my ability. I strive towards the preservation and purity of nature as the most crucial basis of our lives.

Technical innovations - such as 5G - may only be introduced if it is certain they do not harm life. This embraces people, animals, plants, the whole earth as a biological organism including the atmosphere.

I tend to my inner peace. I recognize my individual responsibility as a citizen of the world.

I love the entirety of life, am aware of the deep connection and unity of all living beings and act to the best of my knowledge for the benefit of all life on earth. 

Markus Stockhausen, 30.12.2019